No more templates & spreadsheets

Forget about calendar templates, spreadsheets and outdated attached files.
With, changes are updated LIVE into the cloud. Keep track of feedback and always have a bird's-eye view of all your posts.


Single source of truth
so your team can do the magic.

Create posts, add assets and assign publication date.

Streamlined feedback

Provide feedback while informing everyone at the same time.

Follow conversations, add screenshots and supporting documents.


Never lose track of the main objective.

Approve social posts and make sure you meet the deadline.

All Posts at a glance

All the information you need in one single screen.

Keep track of your team efforts

Check the workflow status and find bottle necks early on. Support your team when they most need it. Get updated statistic in real time.

Cut through the clutter

Check the posts assigned to you and provide feedback right away. Never miss a deadline again.

Stakeholders Bird's-eye view

Give stakeholders the right message. Always up-to-date information so you can inform your decisions to achieve your objectives.